Maybe its time I start my own website. Therefore this is my first post.

It's a beautiful autumn Sunday in Espanola, New Mexico. I saw a coyote down in a dry pond today. He sniffed the air. I was downwind, odor-wise non-existent, and standing stiff as a cottonwood tree. I can do a pretty good tree impersonation. It's tricky stuff. Botched, you end up looking more like Big Foot caught mid-stride and ruing the invention of cameras. But I got it down. Always walk with two fists full of dry leaves if its the fall.

Nevertheless this coyote made me doubt my skills as a fifty-something year old tree. He jumped to one side, sniffed and looked around and jumped again, unsure. Sporting a clean full pelt he looked almost groomed. I've seen very few coyotes that looked well fed as this one did. It must have been a good year for him. But boy was he jumpy. His senses must have been sizzling and popping like oil in a pan, waiting for the next thing to hit. He soon hurried off. It wasn't me. I was a tree just dropping a few leaves. Big Foot is up North somewheres.

But Wait There's More

At the campsite, among the wildlife that visits everyday, are Gummy Bees. Actually they are wasps, stubby versions of a yellow jacket. They may be smaller than the average wasp but their sting packs a wallop you won't soon forget.

Fun fact: These strange wasps spend most of the time looking for meat. Toss a half finished chicken leg and these guys will buzz in to strip it to the bone long before an ant hill can get word. I suppose these wasps have a load of hungry pupae at home. It's serious business with them. Meat, meat, meat. Come between them and a bit of flesh, raw or cooked, and buddy you're gonna get stung. Otherwise they pretty much leave you alone.

Denver Okay I Guess

I came back from Denver a week ago. There were some leftover gummy bears that got hot in the car. Unpacking at the campsite and looking in my bag of snacks I saw a few loose bears hanging around a multicolored gummy blob. The sight of it somehow turned me off. I dumped the bag out on the ground away on a little hill. It was a colorful hillside decoration that said: Welcome to Gummy Town (population 10 or 12 post meltdown.) Looking on the scene I immediately knew it was a trashy thing to do just dumping Gummy Town there. No wild animal I've ever met would twitch even a whisker at Gummy Bears. Animals know what's real even if we don't. It made me sad because nature doesn't like slobs either. But I got over it.

Today I made some real camp chili and opened up a package of crackers. I had a bowlful and just a few bites. Yum, that's some good cooking mister. Yes sir-ee. Then along came a Gummy Bee who decided he'd like a taste. You can normally shoo them away with a gesture or two but this guy smelled meat, backed up mid flight and charged. He hit me in the chest, not stinging but making it clear "Give me that." I suppose I flailed. I certainly fell backward off the bench and spilled all the chili. Wasps can make you do that.

Anyway and So On.

On a chili stick in the chili leaves on the chili ground the wasp had a dainty taste of my cooking. Shortly he buzzed off uninterested. These guys are crude as they are rude. Sort of figures.

I had to wash off my shoes and the bench. Then I cleaned up the cookware, going supper-less. But not to be defeated I sat down with a cup of tea to relax. I glanced upon the hillside. The Gummy Bear decoration on the leaves and grass (Gummy Town) had a renewed sense of industry buzzing about. Turns out meat eating wasps will make a dietary exception for Gummy Bears. I got closer and watched them.

These rude flesh eating micro-wasps had transformed themselves into peaceful little Gummy Bees.


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